Latvijas Kuģniecība

Community Investment Results

2016 scholarships for young sailors

To promote the education of new sailors and improve Latvia’s seamanship education in general, in 2016, in cooperation with the Vītolu Fonds foundation, a second scholarship contest was organised, in which seven Latvian seamanship students could expect to receive a scholarship in the amount of EUR 300 a month throughout the entire academic year (the total fund of scholarships is EUR 27,000). All the recipients of the scholarships had to successfully complete marine practice at any of the ships that are technically supervised by the ‘Latvijas kuģniecība’ subsidiary LSC Shipmanagement.


2016 scholarship recipients:

  • Antons Aronietis,
  • Igors Šipuļins,
  • Liene Deņisova,
  • Artūrs Mazurs,
  • Arvis Podnieks,
  • Alise Romule,
  • Mārtiņš Jansons.


Support for the Eurika Charity organisation

In 2015 and 2016, support was provided to the Eurika Charity organisation. As part of this activity, AS ‘Latvjias kuģniecība’ and SIA LSC Shipmanagement employees donated various items and clothes needed by impoverished mothers and children. Eurika Charity took charge of transferring these items to those who needed them the most.

High voltage simulator

A high voltage simulator was launched at the Latvian Maritime Academy on Friday, April 8, with the financial support of “Latvian Shipping Company”. Students will be able to acquire the necessary practical knowledge for work with high voltage equipment on ships. In order to become a certified specialist, ship engineers and ship electricians are required to acquire skills in maintenance of high voltage devices. The simulator will be especially useful for engineering specialty students and for participants of qualification maintenance courses.

Laboratory for navigation studies

Practical skill and knowledge level of the maritime students is important to the "Latvian Shipping Company" (LSC), therefor, with the support of LSC on Wednesday, October 27, 2015, a new laboratory for navigation studies was opened at the The Latvian Maritime Academy as part of the international project “EfficienSea 2”.

There are six training areas in the laboratory named after the ships of the fleet of LSC – “Ance”, “Kandava”, “Piltene”, “Usma”, “Kazdanga” and “Latgale”. The areas have been arranged so that students have a feeling that they stand on the ship’s navigation bridge.

The laboratory uses the remote information exchange system “Maritime Cloud” providing a new generation electronic mapping software, electronic navigation solutions, automatic reporting and emergency response systems. The laboratory consists of six ship’s bridges where all necessary equipment is available, including electronic navigation solutions reducing the risk of accidents. During testing, ships can do tasks together or individually.



Maritime student scholarship

"Latvian Shipping Company" cares for the development of the maritime students and the maritime education level in Latvia, therefor, together with the "Vitolu Fonds" foundation a scholarship contest was carried out where four students from the Latvian Maritime Academy receive a monthly scholarship of 300 euros up to a period of 15 months (total funding of EUR 18'000). All recipients of the scholarship had to have done a positively evaluated internship on one of the ships of "LSC Shipmanagement".

Recipients of the scholarship year 2015:

  • Indra Annija Cekule,
  • Māris Cīrulis,
  • Ieva Skrebele,
  • Arturs Spirins.

Support to the Ainaži Nautical School

Latvian Shipping company appreciates the contributions of the Ainaži Nautical School into development of the Latvian seafaring. The school was not only a take-off point for the Latvian professional seafaring but also a significant symbol of the Latvian national self-confidence. That was the first nautical school in Latvia – it was established in 1864 and the studies took place in Latvian language. By 1919, around 3000 students from Latvia and Estonia had done studies at the Ainaži Nautical School, out of those, more than 1000 received diplomas for sea captain and deep sea navigator.
Today the Ainaži Nautical School Museum is a commemorative establishment  for the first Latvian professional nautical school and its graduates – Latvian and Estonian captains and navigators.
Latvian Shipping Company financially supports the Ainaži Nautical School in celebration of its 150 anniversary, by donating 5000 euro.

Support to former seafarers

JSC Latvian Shipping Company is a company with strong roots in Latvia. 90% of about 700 seamen employed by the company’s fleet are inhabitants of Latvia. JSC Latvian Shipping Company is grateful for its professional employees, who ensure reliable sea freight shipments and help to strengthen company’s reputation working with clients all over the world.

For over 10 years the JSC Latvian Shipping Company has been providing financial support to the JSC Latvian Shipping Company pensioners and Union of Disabled Persons Enkurs annually donating LVL 60 000. The largest part of members of the Union Enkurs are former seafarers (captains, engineers, radio operators, motormen, mariners), who receive the donated money for medical treatment and other social support.